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Teatro ni Titoy

A new production for kids brought to you in partnership with Team Ruther puppeteers. This new show features fables with Biblical moral lessons just right for kids and kids at heart.

Mga Munting Ilaw

Mga Munting Ilaw, a children’s show, is the first production of GCTV. This show features Biblical values through songs, Bible stories, real life scenarios, and even arts and crafts. The show is produced in Taglish (Tagalog and English) format to effectively reach and be easily understood by its target audience: kids and pre-teens.


Good TV features a variety of Taiwanese Christian shows in various formats: preaching, Bible study, talk show, counselling, and documentary, among others. All of these shows are with English subtitles to effectively reach more people. Good TV is the largest Christian network in Taiwan. Its mission is to change lives by spreading faith, hope and love.


Christ’s Commission Fellowship is a non-denominational church founded by Dr. Peter Tan-Chi. The work started in 1982 when Pastor Peter Tan-chi began an evangelistic home Bible Study. Since then, CCF has grown exponentially. Currently, the main worship center is located at the CCF Center in Frontera Verde, Pasig City. CCF preachings air daily.


Grace Shangkuan-Koo, Phd shares about some simple and "smart learning" tips and techniques for parents.

Joni and Friends

Joni and Friends in partnership with God is Able Foundation airs weekly shows on GCTV, every Sunday, 3PM. This is a ministry dedicated to extending the love and message of Jesus Christ to people who are affected by disability around the world.

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

This new show features well-loved hymns and Gospel songs, and how their messages may be practically applied to our lives. Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs showcases Christian singing groups and musicians.

Lighthouse Cafe

Lighthouse Café is a television production of the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and Ministries. This talk show tackles and discusses a variety of topics that includes news and current events, timely environmental, social and political issues, as well as Filipino lifestyle (arts, culture & multi-media among others), health and fitness - but with the primary objective of imparting Biblical Truths in relation to these subjects.

The Pulpit

The Pulpit is a television production of the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and Ministries. This weekly show features the worship services of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church that starts with a song number of the Lighthouse Choir, then a preaching of solid, Biblical truth as preached by Bishop Reuben Abante, and ends with an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Personal Lord and Saviour.

How to Be You Po

Providing source of information to educate and inspire viewers on possible ways and means to start an activity that can aid them in sustaining the daily life needs and motivate them to strive becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Pulpit

Hobbies that turned into passion. Be inspired with stories of different recreational activities in the Philippines.

Mga Kwento Sa Kusina

Be able to educate individuals about foods that Filipinos enjoy and its healthy factors through collaboration with various guests.


Oras na Pilipinas is a regular radio show from the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). FEBC is a Christian radio station that is part of an international network of non-commercial radio stations invoved in spreading Good News of God's love.


This new show is a production done in partnership with the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), led by the National Director Bishop Noel Pantoja, which features various ministries within the membership of PCEC.

PCEC is a religious organization that covers a network of denominations, churches, mission groups and para-church organizations nationwide. It seeks to promote discipleship, unity and cooperation within the ministries included in the organization.

Faith Matters, too

Christians today encounter problems in a unique way; but God also gives simple yet unique solution. Faith Matters, Too gives Christians short but encouraging messages from the Word of God about how to face their daily routines.

Good Soil

Watch some stories from the Bible through a short devotional produced in partnership with Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship.

Max Lucado

Are you down-hearted? Are you carrying some heavy burdens that you want to unload to God? Catch some inspirational and practical life teachings based on the popular books of Max Lucado.

The Travler

A GCTV teleserye production featuring the spiritual challenges and triumphs in the life of Paolo.

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TBN Movies

Christian movies


Usapang Pamilya from APMM features dramatization of relevant and real life situations that concern challenges of married couples and their relationship with each other and their children. The show also features Biblical counselling as guidance for the family.


Lifeguide, a production of Estima (Creation of Consent and Consensus), features practical counselling for various problems and life situations.

Great Day to Live

The Great Day to Live produced by the Greg Durante Ministries, Inc. features the “Bible Study in the Sky” presented by Bishop Greg Durante and his son, Pastor Kenneth Durante. This show covers Biblical truth for practical life applications.

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